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Bubble Soccer is a completely new type of team sports. Put on the air-filled Bubble suit and you can be the king of the soccer field. You don't need to care about falling or rolling.

Infinte bumps and laughs. You will become a kid again and enjoy the happy moment inside the ball. When you hear the whistle, everybody flies straight in. A lot of bumping, rolling and even bouncing will come to you. The field will be full of laugh and scream, not just from the player, but also the spectators. You and your friends will be laughing for days after.

How to play?

Just kick the ball into the goal. Easy? Yes! But all the players are wearing the Bubble suit. So you are allowed to take down your opponent without getting a foul!


The object is to score as many goals as possible in the allotted time (typically 3 to 5 minutes depending on scheduling and number of players).


  • You are allowed to tackle when the opponent player is facing to you.
  • If the player tackles from the back or the behavior is too offensive, the opposing team will be awarded a direct freekick.

Other than the standard gameplay, Master Edutainment created a lot of different game style for you and your team to challenge!

Field setup

Bubble Soccer can be held in any flat ground in indoor or outdoor. Typically a small soccer pitch or basketball court is enough. We can offer a soft soccer ball instead of normal soccer ball to prevent damaging the venue.

Each goal are placed in the baseline of the court just like the normal soccer match.

Other than sports gymnasium, the game can be held in playground in school, grassland in campsite, community hall, beach or even hotel ballroom.

Spectators and the referees should be a safe distance from the field on the sidelines or behind netting.


1. Bubble Suits

The inflatable bubble suits keep players safe as they roll around, flip right over and collide with each other - all while trying to score goals.

2. Knee Pad

You must wear the knee pads to protect against impact injury from falling to the ground or hitting an obstacle

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the minimum amount of players?
  • 6 players is really the minimum.
  • What shall I wear?
  • You must be wearing sport clothing and trainers. Contact lenses are recommended if you need any vision correction
  • Is it a mixed gender sport?
  • Yes! Boys and girls can play together!
  • Is it safe?
  • Players can tackle under the protection of the Bubble Suit. And we will also provide knee pad. The instructors are all well-trained. Just feel free to play under our guidance.
  • Can we play in our own venue?
  • Yes, all you need to do is hire a venue and we come to you. We will provide everything including the equipment and instructors.
  • I don't have a venue. Could you find for us?
  • Sure! We provide venues all around Hong Kong, like in Wan Chai, Kwun Tong, Yau Ma Tei, etc.
  • Whats the age, weight and height limit?
  • Age limit is 8 years and above. Height limit is 1.2m-2.0m. Weight limit is 80kg.
  • Can groups drink alcohol whilst playing?
  • No! Any groups found drinking alcohol whilst playing or are intoxicated will be asked to sit out

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