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Flyball is Taiwan in origin, integrating the fascination of badminton, baseball and tennis. What may shock you is its advanced design racket with a special track installed. Unlike any traditional ball games, it is super easy to create different ball movements with the help of this track. What’s more, it can train your coordination, concentration and agility. Flyball is absolutely suitable for any age ranges of people, while players are rare to have bumps and bruises during the game.

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Techniques and rules

Team match

To score a point, player has to serve the ball to the opposite team area or goal like badminton or volleyball. The defensive team can catch the ball using the racket to shift from the defensive to offensive.

Team match

Singles match

Competition can be carried out between individuals or groups. Team matches will have no goals setting up but the field will be much larger than the singles.

Singles match

Detail rules and regulations

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1. Flyball Racket

You may spot the design of our sturdy and durable racket at first glance by its concave shape. There is also a special track installed on the racket for players catching the ball easily.

Flyball Racket Pro

Flyball Racket Pro is specially designed for competition. The upgraded spinning point and skidproof grip can greatly strengthen the spinning power of the Flyball.

Flyball Racket Lite

Flyball Racket Lite is a personalized choice for Flyball players. Color options of Blue, Peach and Black are currently avaiable. Stay tuned for more choices in coming future!

2. The Flyball

The Flyball
The Flyball

Don’t be deceived by its ordinary appearance! It is not just a plastic ball you find in the toyshop. Have you noticed what is special on the ball surface? It is actually imitating a Hami Melon. Rubbing the Hami-Melon-like surface with the special track of the racket, it’s just like triggering a “chemical reaction” to spin the ball. It’s always a piece of cake for beginners to strike a breaking ball.

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