Safety guideline

  • Players who are injured, pregnant or suffering any other form of physically limiting illness are not recommended to play.
  • All players should wear appropriate sports clothing and sports shoes (converse is not recommended) to minimise risk of injury. All personal belongings such as watches, rings, earrings, necklaces should be taken off.
  • Knee pads may be preferred by players.
  • Corrective glasses are not recommended as this is a contact sport after all. Contact lenses are ideal.
  • We will give a safety briefing before the game starts, all players are required to arrive on time at the venue for that. Any player who has missed the safety briefing will need to notify us before playing.
  • We will ask the client representative (on behalf of all players) to sign a declaration form for legal purposes before the game starts. It is the responsibility of the client representative to ensure all players have read and accepted these guidelines and legal terms and conditions before signing.
  • All players are advised to warm up before playing to minimise the risk of injury.
  • Please pay special attention to avoid damage to the facility, Master Archer will not be liable to any damages caused.
  • Wear the equipment properly at all times, as indicated in our safety briefing - this is important for your safety.
  • Do Not throw equipment, use to hit people, or obstruct arrows.
  • No rough play.
  • Mask must be worn at all times while on field and when on sidelines waiting to reenter play.
  • Always be sure arrow has a foam tip prior to shooting.

Terms & conditions

Media Copyrights
  • We reserve the copyrights of all photos, videos and other media taken from our equipment during the event.
  • Bookings can be cancelled after Booking Confirmation but only 70% of the fee will be refunded. Bookings which are cancelled within 72 hours of the agreed event timeslot will be charged the full amount of the price of the event and this amount is payable within the 24 hours after the agreed event timeslot.
Weather Conditions
  • We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any bookings on the day due to extreme weather conditions, including when Red Rainstorm Warning Signal, Black Rainstorm Warning Signal, Typhoon Number 8 Signal or above is hoisted.
Refund/Return Policy
  • In the event that Master Archer cancels an event or the event is cancelled due to extreme weather condition, you will be offered a full refund.
Damage and Loss
  • If the rented equipment is lost or found to have been recklessly or intentionally damaged, you will be charged for the cost of the equipment.
Feedback and complaints
  • Feedback and complaints on our service may be sent to our support team by email at [email protected]. There is no guarantee of a resolution to any complaints and each case will be considered individually.
  • Participation in activities using Master Archer’s equipment or during a Archery Tag event is done so at your own personal risk.
  • Any persons who may be pregnant, suffer from neck, back or heart conditions or have had any prior injuries which may render them more at risk of injury from physical activity are not to participate in any activities.
  • No liability can be accepted for lost or damaged personal property such as clothing, watches, cameras, etc.
  • Master Archer is not responsible for any health or safety concerns. If any harm is incurred from the activity, Master Archer shares no responsibility.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change.
  • At all times, Master Archer’s decision will be final.